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Belgian painter René Magritte

6 February 2012

The Belgian painter was born on November 21, 1898, in Lessiness, a small city in the province of Hainaut. Little is known about the early life of René Magritte. In 1910 his family moved to Châtelet south of Brussels. Magritte’s mother was mentally ill. In 1912, she committed suicide. When she was found, her dress was covering her face. Critics suggeste that this was the source of several oil paintings Magritte did between 1927 and 1928. From 1916 to 1918 René Magritte studied in Brussels at the Academie des Beaux-Arts. In 1922 Magritte married Georgette Berger.

From 1922 René Magritte works as a drawer in a factory that makes wallpapers. Also, he earns money making different advertisements for fashion shops. Early paintings of this artist are made in Impressionism and Cubism styles and his later works in Futurism. Most of René Magritte’s works of this period are female nudes. In 1926, his first surreal oil painting, The Lost Jockey was produced.

Surrealist style of René Magritte is full of magic and mystery. René Magritte described everyday objects but in his own way. He changed the texture and proportions of images combining real objects with abstract figures. In 1929 René Magritte painted his most famous painting “La trahison des images” (Betrayal of the Images). The next year Magritte returned to Brussels and lived there.

The first exhibition of talented artist René Magritte took place in the gallery “Le Centaure” in Paris. He moved to this romantic city in 1927 and soon got in touch with many famous people like Max Ernst, André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia and others, who played an active role in the circle of Surrealists.

During his life René Magritte wrote numerous articles in which he was explaining his concept of the possibilities of art. René Magritte died of pancreatic cancer on 15 August 1967, and was interred in Schaerbeek Cemetery.

The paintings of René Magritte are shown in a plenty of exhibitions of surrealist art all over the world. In 1936 his works were exhibited in New York. Then, there were two retrospective exhibitions in 1965 and in 1992.