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Art and its possibility

10 November 2010

Art and its possibility The art can get a message across about the global issues. It can give a message in a variety of different forms, whether it is visual art, performing art, literature and the like.

What is art? For this question there will be more than one answer, and certainly more than one way to answer. People can respond in different ways.

A lot of art can go past political boundaries and can penetrate cultures in a non aggressive way, and strengthen intercultural understanding.

The boundaries between countries are starting to soften and the arts can provide a safe and constructive environment for this to germinate. More and more interaction is taking place online.

Nowadays you can buy, for example, famous original oil painting by using Internet, you can visit variety of art galleries online and simply with the click of the baton the precious oil painting on canvas is your.

Maybe there’s a need to concentrate more fully on what art might do for today’s society.

Art is about opening a dialogue and is something where views and opinions are all allowed to happen and are valued equally. Art helps communicate where politicians and their negotiation over nuclear power or even terrorism cannot. Art is important for developing opinions and open dialogue, respecting other people’s values and opinions and creating an environment for collective change.

It was known that during the wars art tended to be more darker: more darker places, more darker colors. This was obviously people’s perception of the world at the time. Contemporary art allows viewers to see the world through the artist’s eyes and gain a new perception of the world, new fresh look.

Art performs many tasks in our society. Perhaps the most important is to enable people to see things that were formerly invisible, or which were brought into existence by the artist. Creating the art works artists push the envelope of social understanding, and those in the vanguard are not often understood at first. With time people can rethink their attitude and viewpoint.

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