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Talent and Art

10 November 2010

Every person born in this world represents something that never existed before, something new, something unique and original. Everyone has an inborn talent, but every talent is different.

Someone can be talented at music, while other can posses skills and ability to create oil paintings. We all have a creative side in us, just waiting to be found. If you enjoy writing, then write poems, or stories. Many times we have hidden talents, that have gone unnoticed and untried. We visit art museums or galleries and enjoy them, but we never try to paint or create. We all have God given gifts, we just differently express and use them. Every person can find itself in some specific field of activity. Simply, one can do it quickly and other need more time to find out what exactly he want to do in his life. It seems to me that person can’t just think over and decide to be an artist, to create art, to paint, for example. I suppose it should be something that goes from inside, from person’s inner But there is another viewpoints concerning this thought. Some people believe that if you create something that you consider to be artistic, well it is art, no matter how bad it is, you put your effort and thought and time into it, it is art, and it guarantee that at least 1 person out of 6 billion on the planet will agree with you. Maybe it is right, but where, in this case, is a difference between art and simple things. What is art and what is not? If art is the most universal language then it should speak so that the man in the street can understand. Maybe if you don’t like something, you don’t understand and you ought to find out.

To people with a passion for art and collecting it is always possible to find extremely good works in art galleries. There you can find original oil paintings on canvas created by well known artists worldwide. If you don’t have enough time or possibility to visit art galleries in different cities, as an option you can enjoy art works visiting online art galleries. Nowadays, with our busy life it is very convenient. With the help of the internet you can browse variety of artworks of artists who have tremendous creative talent and are masters of the past, present and future. They convey their personal feelings and thoughts by making something precious and special, by making art.

Art is just another form of expression. Its a way of communicating and sharing feelings. Its an everyday thing like talking. Artists write their story and want to share it with others, to show their painting and to be understood in most cases. Art must surely have a social value, it must be addressed.

One paints in order to try to understand a bit about life and about oneself. Not all painters overstress a point to be understood. Some of them suppose that nothing worse could happen to painter than to be completely understood. Pablo Picasso said: “Poor painters! They always wish to be understood, and they are analyzed instead.”

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