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Pierre-Auguste Renoir a developer of the Impressionist style

29 December 2011

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born in 1841 in France. He worked in a porcelain factory where he called attention to himself with the help of his drawing. During his early years, Renoir often visited the Louvre. There he studied the French painters and their works. Renoir’s family wasn’t reach and there was time when he did not have enough money to buy paint. Still, he continued to work and in 1864 the world saw his first exhibition. He showed his paintings at the Paris Salon. In 1874 six of Renoir’s paintings were shown in the first Impressionist exhibition. During the same period of time, two of his paintings were hung with Durand-Ruel in London.

In 1881, he visited Algeria and Spain. He traveled to the last country to admire the paintings of Diego Velázquez. Then, Renoir traveled to Italy to see the masterpieces of Titian and Raphael. In 1882 Renoir again traveled to Algeria where he contracted pneumonia. In 1883, he spent the summer in Guernsey, creating fifteen paintings in little over a month.

In 1885 he became a father. The child was named Pierre, and his mother name was Aline Victorine Charigot, whom Renoir married in 1890. They had three sons.

Around 1892, Renoir developed rheumatoid arthritis. Despite the fact that he was wheelchair-bound, Renoir continued to paint. He was very talented and hardworking artist. Renoir mainly painted landscapes, portraits, but the main focus was on female nudes. The largest collection of Renoir’s works—181 paintings in all—is at the Barnes Foundation, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Along with paintings, Renoir created sculptures. He moved to the warmer climate. Renoir died on December 3, 1919.

He created several thousand paintings. Among the most famous are: The Bathers (1884–1887), Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette (1876), Grandes Baigneuses (1887), and Girls at the Piano (1892).

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  1. A great summary of an incredible painter. I did not know that the biggest collection of his paintings was near Philadelphia – a great excuse to plan a visit!

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