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Feel the hazard of a real auction without leaving your home!

Are you passionate about art and want to participate in prestigious auctions, but you don’t have the opportunity to do it, don’t get frustrated. It’s not a problem anymore. Today you can search the Internet and find a plenty of online auctions. In these websites you can find paintings for sale, oil paintings, oil on canvas, acrylic paintings, water colours, modern art, traditional art, abstract art, etc. Whatever you are looking for, you will find.

First of all you should click on any online art gallery. After entering the gallery you will view all the pictures of oil paintings. If you want to see the enlarged image, you should click on individual picture. If you like some painting, don’t hesitate bid on it. In any case, the bidding price won’t be very high. If you wish to make a bid you must be a member. Membership is simple and free, you  will need just to click on the “become a member” link. Then, you should enter your details to have full membership access and bid for paintings as you wish. You will have all sections of art to view and buy.

When you have made a bid and there are no new bids after some specified period of time, the hammer will go down and your bid will be successful. The specified period of time gives all the members across the world the opportunity to observe the bidding. You also are able to view current bids to see if someone has bigger chances than you. Online art auction is a perfect solution for those who want to feel the exciting hazard of a real auction without leaving a house. If you bid was successful, you become a new owner of a painting. Remember that online auction must receive payment in full before the painting is dispatched. You can pay by cheque, bankers draft, BACS or other electronic transfer. The method of payment will be agreed by Email between online auction and the successful bidding member – you! The successful buyer will be responsible for the cost of packaging, delivery and insurance. In most cases the cost of delivery and insurance will be added to the purchase price. But sometimes you will have to pay for the delivery additionally.

In general, online auction is a perfect opportunity for buyers and sellers to get advantages. The reasons why online auctions represent such a good opportunity are: low start up costs for sellers, and reasonable prices for buyers; this kind of business can be home based and can be run either full or part time. Online auctions give you an opportunity to chose hours that suit you most. Buyers can bid any time of the day or night. Sellers possess an opportunity to start small and build a real business.

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