About Art & Oil Painting

Visiting online art gallery

11 October 2011

All artists want to grow their careers. They need to promote their works. Online art gallery allows
artists to show their art online to a worldwide audience. That’s why online art gallery is a great
opportunity for artist to reach a wide audience and increase their client base. Online galleries give
the viewers an opportunity to search for artwork by genre, medium, style, region or keyword.
This is a great option: people can find the artwork they look for with the help of advanced search

It’s a nice idea to visit online galleries where you can see more art for sale by each artist, create
an account and choose your favourite artists and artworks. You can choose from a wide variety of
art in all styles and mediums. There is a plenty of original paintings for sale. Many of them are on
canvas, framed or unframed for a contemporary modern look. So, it’s easy to find a painting that
will please and tantalize your senses. You will buy original affordable contemporary art, for your
home or workplace.

Successful art galleries strive to provide artists in all areas and skill levels. They need to show
people quality and mesmerizing art. The artworks displayed in the gallery should not only catch an
attention of the viewer, but also bring something new and exciting. The objective of the gallery is to
provide its clients with quality art that will suit their needs and tastes.

Some galleries set high commissions. That’s why not all artists can afford themselves to show their
artworks to the public. Some charge less: they take cash only when a sale takes place. The best
option for artist is to find a gallery that maintains and helps new artists market their works. Still
there are art galleries that show the works of artists all-free of charge.

Some famous art galleries may promote new artists. They display artist’s works to the public and in
this simple for them way do a big favour for young artist. Painters, sketch artists, photographers,
sculptors, all these richly talented artists express their ideas through their art. If you are a portrait
or a landscape artist or paint abstracts of still life, you have many chances to find a wide
audience of admires and buyers.

If you have passion for all things creative, visit different art galleries, become a part of an active,
talented and passionate world of art. We invite you to walk through the online gallery and
share your feelings and experiences. Be sure you will find something to fall in love with… Enjoy
your visit and find the art you are looking for. The gallery will meet your tastes and budgets.

Oil painting techniques

23 June 2011

The most ancient oil painting was discovered in caves in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley, they are dated from 650 A.D., and that fact shatters the common theory of Western origin of the oil painting. Anyway, the Europe tradition of the oil painting was discovered there independently, as the tempera and related sources indicate, and it seems to be born in Venice. Such famous drawers as Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Goya, Monet and Boucher were addicted to the oil painting and have created many exciting masterpieces, using that technique.

  Aside the coloring source, the main part of an oil paint is a linseed oil, extracted from the flax seed, and it’s needed to dilute the coloring source and dry afterwards, leaving the painting solid and finished. Nowadays, the modern science has invented more oil-like liquids which are more convenient to use, but the true masters of oil painting still prefer to use old good linseed oil and prepare the paint themselves.

  The canvas for oil painting is usually made of linen, but the cotton ones are spread as well, because of their less cost. Then, artists have traditionally covered this canvass with animal glue, which has saved the linen from the acidic qualities of the paint.

  First of all, the artist has sketched the outline of his subject on the linen, before applying the oil paint onto it, and then they started to draw. The important thing about it was that they had to prepare their own paints, mix them, and that is why they were mostly grounded to the studio, until in about 1800 year the tube paints has come in usage, and the open air landscape paintings have become popular. For a precise drawing, the skilled artists have used different kinds of brushes, which could express the various effects, like bolder strokes, impasto textures or detail work.

  To talk about the certain techniques, the most vital thing considering the oil painting, is the rule, that the new layer should be applied with a paint that has more oil in it, to provide the fine and proper drying of the painting, otherwise it will just fail. The most spread and widely used technique is also a layer painting, which made possible the adjustment of the previous layer, before applying the next one. Earlier, the artists waited for the layer to dry, before they’ve started to draw further, but in the impressionist era, the Wet-On-Wet method has received its second birth, being used more and more often.

  When the painting is finished and dried (up to a year), the artists use to cover and seal the surface with a layer of varnish, that can be removed later to clean the drawing.

  Though, there is a wide variety of methods and techniques, the oil painting is still popular among the professional artists nowadays, and has a right to be called the most exciting and difficult painting technique.

How to become an artist

16 November 2010

No one is born a talented painter. It is a studying process to become a painter. If you aretrying hard, you have a result. Even the most famous artists have acquired skills with the brush and perfected it over the years to reach the top of success. First you need to understand art. It may not be as important to understand it as to welcome it, treat it with a degree of reverence, and contemplate it. You can read different books, magazines, visit art galleries or browse collections of famous artists in online art galleries, if you don’t have an opportunity to go to different places. Art galleries offer valuable insight into artistic expressions in the variety of their forms, functions, and cultures of origin. It is a good way to gather more information on the subject of art. You can compare various original oil paintings and different artists. It also helps to understand a little more about We all have a budding artist within us waiting to surface and explore. Art is so simple that it does not have any determinate age, does not require special qualification or skill to begin with. You can start learning art at any time. It helps to know this fact itself.

Each one of us has to express our feelings. We can start to paint as a hobby and then become a real painter, if you possess of course required skills, imagination and talent. It can even become your future profession. Pablo Picasso said: “Artist is a person who paints something that can be sold. A good artist is a person who sells what he paints.”
It is your chance to emote, make a space in the art world. It will be your interpretation of the world, new view. Decide what type of art you are interested in. Becoming an artist is not difficult once you realize what type of art you are interested in. Read up on artists and visit art galleries. There are hundreds of art techniques that you can learn from.

Don’t give up when you don’t see improvement in the first few months. Nothing goes right the first time. You may waste time and some art material, but it won’t be in vain. Focus on the painting. If you don’t have new ideas, leave it for sometime. There is no deadline to finish a painting and there is no end to creativity as long as you are willing to express your inner vision, your feelings. We should do what we really love, it is the most important thing. If you like painting, it is perfect solution to combine profession and hobby.

Art and its possibility

10 November 2010

Art and its possibility The art can get a message across about the global issues. It can give a message in a variety of different forms, whether it is visual art, performing art, literature and the like.

What is art? For this question there will be more than one answer, and certainly more than one way to answer. People can respond in different ways.

A lot of art can go past political boundaries and can penetrate cultures in a non aggressive way, and strengthen intercultural understanding.

The boundaries between countries are starting to soften and the arts can provide a safe and constructive environment for this to germinate. More and more interaction is taking place online.

Nowadays you can buy, for example, famous original oil painting by using Internet, you can visit variety of art galleries online and simply with the click of the baton the precious oil painting on canvas is your.

Maybe there’s a need to concentrate more fully on what art might do for today’s society.

Art is about opening a dialogue and is something where views and opinions are all allowed to happen and are valued equally. Art helps communicate where politicians and their negotiation over nuclear power or even terrorism cannot. Art is important for developing opinions and open dialogue, respecting other people’s values and opinions and creating an environment for collective change.

It was known that during the wars art tended to be more darker: more darker places, more darker colors. This was obviously people’s perception of the world at the time. Contemporary art allows viewers to see the world through the artist’s eyes and gain a new perception of the world, new fresh look.

Art performs many tasks in our society. Perhaps the most important is to enable people to see things that were formerly invisible, or which were brought into existence by the artist. Creating the art works artists push the envelope of social understanding, and those in the vanguard are not often understood at first. With time people can rethink their attitude and viewpoint.

Talent and Art

10 November 2010

Every person born in this world represents something that never existed before, something new, something unique and original. Everyone has an inborn talent, but every talent is different.

Someone can be talented at music, while other can posses skills and ability to create oil paintings. We all have a creative side in us, just waiting to be found. If you enjoy writing, then write poems, or stories. Many times we have hidden talents, that have gone unnoticed and untried. We visit art museums or galleries and enjoy them, but we never try to paint or create. We all have God given gifts, we just differently express and use them. Every person can find itself in some specific field of activity. Simply, one can do it quickly and other need more time to find out what exactly he want to do in his life. It seems to me that person can’t just think over and decide to be an artist, to create art, to paint, for example. I suppose it should be something that goes from inside, from person’s inner But there is another viewpoints concerning this thought. Some people believe that if you create something that you consider to be artistic, well it is art, no matter how bad it is, you put your effort and thought and time into it, it is art, and it guarantee that at least 1 person out of 6 billion on the planet will agree with you. Maybe it is right, but where, in this case, is a difference between art and simple things. What is art and what is not? If art is the most universal language then it should speak so that the man in the street can understand. Maybe if you don’t like something, you don’t understand and you ought to find out.

To people with a passion for art and collecting it is always possible to find extremely good works in art galleries. There you can find original oil paintings on canvas created by well known artists worldwide. If you don’t have enough time or possibility to visit art galleries in different cities, as an option you can enjoy art works visiting online art galleries. Nowadays, with our busy life it is very convenient. With the help of the internet you can browse variety of artworks of artists who have tremendous creative talent and are masters of the past, present and future. They convey their personal feelings and thoughts by making something precious and special, by making art.

Art is just another form of expression. Its a way of communicating and sharing feelings. Its an everyday thing like talking. Artists write their story and want to share it with others, to show their painting and to be understood in most cases. Art must surely have a social value, it must be addressed.

One paints in order to try to understand a bit about life and about oneself. Not all painters overstress a point to be understood. Some of them suppose that nothing worse could happen to painter than to be completely understood. Pablo Picasso said: “Poor painters! They always wish to be understood, and they are analyzed instead.”