What is Art

Discussing art

18 April 2012

Art is all around as. If we want to understand art, we should try to understand the world we live in. As our world has become a very visual one, we can notice beautiful things in everything that surrounds us. First of all it would be good to emphasize what we mean by art. Many of us have already tried to answer the question: “what is art?” We should underline that everyone perceives art differently. No two people see art in the same way. This makes every person individual. We have our own imagination, taste and opinion. We differently express ourselves, our emotions and feelings. All this makes us special ones. That’s why there is nothing strange that someone can perceive some works as masterpieces while other people can see nothing valuable in this or that work of art.

It’s very important to express your own opinion when your friends are discussing the theme of art. Of course, there is no single answer to the question what is art, and not everyone will agree on a definition you may propose, but believe the discussion of this question will be very exciting, engaging, and enlightening. Even if you are a shy person, don’t be afraid to involve yourself into a discussion. If you are not confident with your own art knowledge, regard this kind of discussion as a learning experience for yourself. You don’t have to be the “expert” at everything! Be sure, you will see art in new ways after sharing the thoughts with your friends. By learning side-by-side with your friends, you will find a good way to express your opinion and share your ideas.

Such kind of discussion can be brought up again more than once as art is never ending theme. You will discover the enormous variety of art. There is no doubt that this discussion will take some time, but be sure, you won’t regret. The discussion will get quite lively and will boost your creativity and imagination. It will help you form your own opinions. Share them and explore the many kinds of art we have all around us!

The true purpose of Art

18 April 2012

Art is a way of expressing one’s self. The necessary essence of art is Love. When you like something, you will to paint it. When you are in the process of painting you begin to love your artwork. It becomes part of you. Your artwork reflects your inner world. With every artwork you want to show something new: new feelings, new ideas, thoughts, etc. The object which is shown in your painting should be associated with the feeling.

Each and every artwork represents, provokes some feelings and emotions. When we look through the painting we see some story, some interaction, expression. It’s very important for the viewers to “feel” the artwork, to feel love relative to the object that is presented on the painting, for example. The artwork should in some way or other generate the feeling, the gesture, and the attitude. The object that is displayed on the painting should evoke somehow the participatory feeling. If the artwork doesn’t invoke some feeling, it can’t be considered as real art.

It’s not true art if it doesn’t evoke or invoke. True art should awake, and heal. Don’t just look at art. Participate in it. Art should help you change yourself, find a new You. That’s the whole purpose of it.

What is art

14 November 2010

Just as writers use words to express themselves, artists use their art to express their views on issues that touch them. If artists create a valuable piece of art, it is not easy to forget it even if you have viewed it once.

Art inspires people to achieve positive feelings and change. Art isn’t just something that hangs on the walls in museums and art galleries. It’s all around us.

Art can be viewed in different perspective, depending on a person’s interests and views. I, personally, see everything as art, or something that can at least become art. For me, a leaf,a flower, a phone or anything can become art. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In such a way, art can be everything and everything is art, hence an ordinary day of your life can become walking in a terrific museum of art. Art creates beauty. We all know that determining beauty is a subjective depending on each individual. However, it is essential to remember that individuals generally have a biased view.
There are also divergent viewpoints: if anything can count as art, and anyone can make art, what does it mean to be an artist. Then art ceases to have a point. Curious and well known fact that some people like looking at some things, others like looking at others. All we know this.

For me, art is dedicated to beauty; it’s a way to let beauty into our world by means of the artist’s gifts and sensibilities.

Many artists now see their role as sounding the alarm, and have felt the need to alter the direction of their art. Such artists incarnate different ideals and a different philosophy of life.

Individuals perish, and with them their memories. Original oil painting retains the information even though the individual expires. Art provides humans with an evolutionary advantage to collectivize the memory of the past and enables us to plan for the future. In the process, art creates a window into the past. Language is communication in the present. Art is communication over time.

Art is created in a feedback environment, and ends up entirely outside the brain of its creator. The artist begins with a vague idea and hammers away until the idea begins to take some sort of finished form. The tools, techniques and materials all exert their influence. Education and training, personal feelings dictate what the artist can imagine. Society dictates what the artist can profitably present.