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Become who you want to be

10 December 2010

Whether you are looking to develop an interesting new hobby, to express yourself, or to begin a new career, you can learn how to paint or maybe even how to create real art. Anyone can be an artist if he or she has desire, excitement and determination. You can become an artist or improve your art. Just start to study art. You’ll be amazed at the level of creativity you possess that is just waiting to be released. Just try, because sometimes there are things you don’t think you’ll enjoy, but you end up loving them.

Painting can be a challenge, and those who are better at it can make a living from this form of art. Some people think that artists love to paint, but usually for the money unless just for fun. I disagree. Dedicated artist still paint even after people rejected their works, like it was with van Gogh, for example. If people love to paint and are dedicated to art, money is not among the most important things. Nothing will stop artists to do what they like – to create art. If you’re an artist, you can actually make money from your art, feel good about it, and build up a following to support your independent career. The bad news is that every year more than 30,000 artists graduate from art school in the United States alone, but most of them fail to make a living with their art. Only few artists manage to support themselves in the career they are passionate about. The good news is that most artists fail because have not been properly trained in how to represent themselves, build a customer base, and actually sell their great artwork. But not every artist wants to make money. Some are interested in art as an introduction to another career, and others pursue art as a passion or hobby.

Someone may ask why people do study art if they are aware of the heavy competition, and artists have small chance to be recognized, and only a few of them will become famous and will earn a lot of money. But don’t fall for the idea that only a few artists are successful people. Competition exists in every field and those who study art are doing the right thing by becoming knowledgeable about their interests. And if they have confidence in themselves, if they have an enthusiasm for art, they will definitely get a well-paid job. If art is your passion, never despair! Never give up!

Artists look inside themselves, the work hard, only after that they can paint something really valuable, they can reach the top. You also should practice, paint every free minute you have and believe in yourself. Art requires practice and patience. Anything is possible and you can become an artist! Good luck

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