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Improving your drawing skills

If you’re drawing indoors, make sure you have good lighting. If you not able to get that strong directional light, you won’t see the highlights and shadows.

If you don’t know how to set up your composition, use a viewfinder. This is the best way to start a drawing. You can buy viewfinder in a shop or make it yourself. Simply cut a rectangle out of a piece of cardboard and use it to visually crop your subject. Look through your viewfinder, draw everything that is within the frame. This will definitely improve your composition.

It’s recommended to always begin drawing along the edges first. This will keep you from running out of space later. When you take your blank paper, try to figure out where along the edges you should begin. Making little marks halfway along each edge of your drawing should help you.

When you only start drawing, do it lightly. At the end you will see why it’s better to do so. Draw the negative shapes between objects instead of trying to draw some object. This will help you focus on the specific shapes in front of you.

Next step you can take is to close one eye to flatten out the image. This will help you eliminate depth perception and make the subject you’re drawing appear flat.

When you’re drawing or painting, don’t forget to look back and forth as often as possible. Try to make it a habit. Never let your eyes rest for too long in one place. If during the drawing process you notice your mistakes – fix them immediately. This will save you time later.

When the drawing is almost finished, it’s better to take a break. Take a breather and then come back to finish the work. No matter what you’re drawing, we hope these hints will often come in handy.

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