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Never give up – become who you want to be

9 November 2011

There are not so many restrictions in the world of art. On the contrary, sometimes there is too much freedom. Artist can produce everything they perceive as an art. But still, even when the artists claim they are making an art, it does not mean they are making a good art. Sometimes people can make something that is obviously not art, but refer to it as art. Some people disagree with the statement that anyone can be an artist, because it takes away the value of art. They (in most cases these people are artists) refer to the fact that even non-art people like the professional art than the amateur one. Maybe it’s true, but still like with the music, we all have different interests. Not everyone likes the same songs or singers. The same goes to the painting. Some people enjoy classic art while others prefer abstract or modern art. It’s all a question of taste.

So, if you want to become an artist and create beauty, do it. Painting can be an exciting and rewarding hobby. It can be the way you live and perceive the world around you. Creating things of beauty with your own hands is more than exiting. You won’t believe your own eyes at what you can create using the simplest materials, tools and your imagination.

If you don’t know where to take the first step, start by exploring your imagination. Let your imagination take you on a journey. You will be amazed at what you can admire within yourself. You can share your insights and ideas with someone you love and trust. It really helps to move forward if someone encourages and supports you. Be sure your part time hobby could turn into something more. Believe in yourself and work hard to achieve the wanted results. Make a positive impact in your life by inviting the things that make you happy. If you like painting, don’t give up if something goes wrong. Try your best to become skillful, then move forward by improving yours skills. With time you will definitely find yourself skillful enough to bring beauty to this world. Every painting has its goal. Decide what you are aiming for and just follow you objective. Be yourself and be proud of who you are and what you make with your own hands. It’s the most important in our life.

Along the way, you will learn many useful things (interesting facts, different techniques, etc.). Find things that inspire you to create. Wait a little and in some couple of years you may have an exhibition in your favorite art gallery. Art galleries are inviting young, talented good artists. Those that make pleasing art, no matter are they amateurs or professionals, will end up in a gallery. The art that gets selected for galleries, etc. has qualities that lots of people like. Who knows maybe exactly your artworks will be an object of enjoyment. Everything is possible, all you need is confidence in yourself, desire and will power to work in spite of everything.

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