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Discussing art

Art is all around as. If we want to understand art, we should try to understand the world we live in. As our world has become a very visual one, we can notice beautiful things in everything that surrounds us. First of all it would be good to emphasize what we mean by art. Many of us have already tried to answer the question: “what is art?” We should underline that everyone perceives art differently. No two people see art in the same way. This makes every person individual. We have our own imagination, taste and opinion. We differently express ourselves, our emotions and feelings. All this makes us special ones. That’s why there is nothing strange that someone can perceive some works as masterpieces while other people can see nothing valuable in this or that work of art.

It’s very important to express your own opinion when your friends are discussing the theme of art. Of course, there is no single answer to the question what is art, and not everyone will agree on a definition you may propose, but believe the discussion of this question will be very exciting, engaging, and enlightening. Even if you are a shy person, don’t be afraid to involve yourself into a discussion. If you are not confident with your own art knowledge, regard this kind of discussion as a learning experience for yourself. You don’t have to be the “expert” at everything! Be sure, you will see art in new ways after sharing the thoughts with your friends. By learning side-by-side with your friends, you will find a good way to express your opinion and share your ideas.

Such kind of discussion can be brought up again more than once as art is never ending theme. You will discover the enormous variety of art. There is no doubt that this discussion will take some time, but be sure, you won’t regret. The discussion will get quite lively and will boost your creativity and imagination. It will help you form your own opinions. Share them and explore the many kinds of art we have all around us!

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