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The true purpose of Art

Art is a way of expressing one’s self. The necessary essence of art is Love. When you like something, you will to paint it. When you are in the process of painting you begin to love your artwork. It becomes part of you. Your artwork reflects your inner world. With every artwork you want to show something new: new feelings, new ideas, thoughts, etc. The object which is shown in your painting should be associated with the feeling.

Each and every artwork represents, provokes some feelings and emotions. When we look through the painting we see some story, some interaction, expression. It’s very important for the viewers to “feel” the artwork, to feel love relative to the object that is presented on the painting, for example. The artwork should in some way or other generate the feeling, the gesture, and the attitude. The object that is displayed on the painting should evoke somehow the participatory feeling. If the artwork doesn’t invoke some feeling, it can’t be considered as real art.

It’s not true art if it doesn’t evoke or invoke. True art should awake, and heal. Don’t just look at art. Participate in it. Art should help you change yourself, find a new You. That’s the whole purpose of it.

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